Pat’s Taqueria, Hanalei Kaua’i

If you find yourself in Hanalei, Kaua’i, Pat’s Taqueria should be your first pit stop.  His taco truck is right on the North Shore near the Hanalei Pier (open noon-3pm) and you can eat your tasty lunch with a direct view of the gorgeous ocean and mountains of Kaua’i. Pat has tacos, burritos and quesadillas;  I chose the fresh fish and kalua pork tacos and was very pleased with that decision. His motto “In Tacos We Trust” makes a true believer out of everyone.

Pat\'s Tacos


Artisan Meat Share, Charleston

Holy toledo. This spot is easy to overlook – right off of King Street and Spring Street in a small shop with – and is  filled with the most amazing meats and sandwiches I’ve tasted out here in Charleston. I’m quite the sucker for a good sandwich, and the sandwich duo my friend and I ordered had me drooling (partially out of shock that I spent $13 on a sandwich – worth ittttt). The smoked turkey sandwich was layered with cheddar, arugula, tomatoes, avocado, pickled shallots and Comeback sauce on a toasted hoagie roll. I don’t know what Comeback sauce is….but I’m assuming it makes you want to go back for more. Which I definitely do. The Italian sandwich came with house cured meats, Auricchio provolone, shaved lettuce, tomato, pepper rings, AMS sub sauce on a toasted sub roll. Keep it coming!

Italian Sandwich

Smoked turkey sandwich

Cypress, Charleston

Graduation made for  a busy weekend, which also included a few visits to some amazing restaurants around Charleston! Last night we wandered around East Bay and decided to give Cypress a go. I’ve heard great reviews and was happy that I finally got to give it a try. I started with the vegetable salad, which included roasted carrots, beets, radishes and ricotta salata on top of a cucumber-dill dressing. The dressing tasted like the best ranch dressing you’ve ever had…on crack. It was flavored with fresh herbs, sambal and chilli flakes – spicy and delicious, I want all of my veggies to be covered in it! More plates to come on my next post….

Vegetable Salad


Spicy Veggie Pasta, Home Eats

For those who love carbs AND veggies (I know veggies are carbs….but I mean like pastaaaa carbs)! Whole wheat capellini tossed with sauteed zucchini & spicy fig balsamic tofu:

  • Boil capellini
  • Zoodle the zucchini and saute in a little bit of chili oil and chicken broth, about 3 minutes or until it has the consistency you enjoy
  • Cube tofu and saute with balsamic fig dressing (or whatever you have around) and a dollop of chili paste
  • Salt to taste, toss together and enjoy!

Spicy Veggie Pasta

Charleston Crepe Co., Charleston

Saturday farmer’s market in Marion Square is usually the highlight of my weekend. I can always count on this gathering to involve a few of my favorite things: massive amounts of food,$30 candles that smell so good they are worth the price, fresh produce, great people watching, and strangers’ dogs. But back to the talk about food. Charleston Crepe Co. busted out an amazing strawberry and Nutella crepe! The nutella was warm and melty and the strawberries were sweet, tart and juicy – all wrapped in a doughy crepe and dusted with powdered sugar. I split this puppy with my girlfriend, but if we were being honest with ourselves, we could’ve eaten about three crepes to ourselves. Next time….

Strawberry & Nutella Crepe

High Cotton, Charleston

Brunch started off with some strong coffee,  bloody Mary’s and High Cotton’s complimentary corn bread and whipped butter. The cornbread was sweet, dense and melted in my mouth, which fits all of the criteria I have for corn bread!  Matt ordered the crab cakes benedict: fried green tomato layered with crispy and lump crab cakes, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Creamy grits on the side, of course (his first grit experience). I ordered the special: chef’s selection of seasonal vegetables, crispy potatoes, poached eggs and hollandaise. Yum and yum! The ambiance was peaceful and relaxing – a perfect way to end a weekend! Crabcake Benedict Breakfast Special

Jeni’s Ice Cream, Charleston



If you don’t eat  ice cream at least once a summer, something is wrong. The love I have for the creamy, decadent and obscure flavors that Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams offers helps me look past the fact that I’m paying more than $3 for a scoop of ice cream. Brambleberry crisp, brown butter almond brittle, buckeye, Thai peanut and Persian orange have been some of my all time favorites, and I actually have a hard time switching it up and trying new flavors because I enjoy those flavors so much! Even though Jeni’s has gone through some troubles with the recent  recall, it’s a great company that makes an amazing product; my loyalty will never waver! It’s a springtime must-have and I hope you get the chance to give it a lick.
Jouble Scoops for the Win

Persian Orange & Brambleberry Crisp

Rutledge Cab Co., Charleston

I live about five blocks from Rutledge Avenue and drive past this restaurant all of the time. It’s been one of those “I need to try that place someday” spots that I somehow forget about when deciding which place to try next.  I’m really glad I finally gave it a whirl; dinner at 6pm just happened to coincide with live music and a fantastic happy hour. We scored a great table out on the partially outdoor patio, which gave things a nice breeze and provided beautiful natural light for my juicy burger. My drink of choice was the Middleton Mule: Gin infused with fresh cucumber, fresh lime juice and topped with ginger beer and a cucumber garnish. Very refreshing and only 5$! For some nommage, I ordered the Blue Cheese Burger: a thick patty topped with smoked blue cheese, balsamic onion relish and grilled tomato.  Delicious and though it wasn’t  great for my arteries, it was good for the soul!

Middleton Mule Blue Cheese Burger

White Duck Taco Shop, James Island

Somehow I didn’t discover this amazing place until a few weeks ago, despite the fact this taco spot is in a huge, periwinkle warehouse with a white duck painted on the side.  My friend and I went during happy hour (best time of day) – which meant 1$ Tecate and 2$ margaritas. The tacos were absolutely delicious; so many fresh flavors and tasty combinations! After about 35 minutes of staring at the artistic and appetizing menu, I chose the Bangkok shrimp and the fresh fish taco. The Bangkok shrimp was spicy, sweet and peanut-y and topped with homemade pickles, resulting in a weird, yet delicious, combination of flavors.The fresh fish was had a spicy chipotle crema and cabbage slaw, making for a perfect combination of salty, sweet and crunchy.  Nothing can replace the spot California taco trucks have in my heart, but this is a close second.

Menu Margarita Fresh Fish & Bangkok Shrimp Tacos

Five Loaves Cafe, Charleston

I reallllly try to eat at new spots as much as possible, but with Five Loaves nearby it’s an entirely different story. I’ve eaten at this cozy cafe more than anywhere else in Charleston (besides Jeni’s Ice Cream, but that’s a given). Their sandwiches are so. damn. good. My all time favorite has to be the hot ham & brie sandwich: hot ham, melted brie, green tomato jam and mustard vinegar slaw on a fresh and buttery croissant. Another favorite is the portobello goat cheese burger with spinach, tomato and sweet basil mayonnaise on top of thick cut multigrain bread. I usually go with a few people, convince everyone order different sandwiches and share between the group. It’s a great way to try multiple sandwiches without eating them all to yourself. Though that wouldn’t be too terrible….

If I’m feeling extra wild, I order the soup sampler with my sandwich. This comes with 3 different soup choices (my favorite is the creamy parmesan asparagus soup) in 3oz sample cups. It’s only 4.50 and worth every penny! Click the photos below for more info on their delicious choices.

Hot ham & brie sandwich Portobello goat cheese burger